Learning with the world since 2011

TEARN has pioneered the use of the Internet and other innovative technologies to engage youth worldwide in collaborative project-based learning to address curriculum subjects and take action on global issues.


TEARN enables students and teachers to design and participate in global projects as part of their regular classroom curriculum or after-school program.

Quality Education

Our projects align to education standards, including Common Core State Standards, and use a safe and structured online Collaboration Centre

Protect the Planet

Participants become global citizens who make a difference through collaboration on projects with the goal of improving everyone’s quality of life.


Join a network of educators, students and advocates from over 140 countries around the world and collaborate for social change.

Hear from our network!

I really think it’s important to connect our kids with kids in other countries because if we don’t, we loose a whole sense of global oweness

Hear from our network!

It is always amazing to watch them grow and succeed. Our students improve their reading, writing, technology, and social studies skills through the learning circles projects

Over 7 years of experience
helping educators collaborate

TEARN is a member of iEARN (International Education and Resource Network), the world’s largest, most experienced online K-12 non-profit network that enables young people worldwide to use the internet and digital media to collaborate on educational projects.